Scarves for DT

Some pixs of David during Shenzhen NY concert. Apparently the brown scarf was given to him by 1 of the fans who rushed onstage to hug him. He must have quite a collection of scarves from his fans. (Pixs credit & thanks to Tao Mi Tian Tan)
Not much happening which is just as expected. Heard that Jay Chou is directing a movie abt his first love & Anthony Wong will be his onscreen father. Just thought I mentioned it cos there will doubtless be comparision & suchlike *sigh* To be honest I am not looking forward to David's movie. I mean I am happy he can achieve his dream & all, but I do think to really come up with an outstanding, meaningful movie need a lot more than just wanting to achieve yr dream. The most anticipated movie for me will be Pan's Labyrinth but I remembered watching Cronos by the same director, Guillermo Del Toro, & thinking how tragic he almost achieved a masterpiece. It took him 13 yrs before he came up with one, 99% tomatoes fresh *__* Not sure how long it is going to take David but for sure it will not be his 1st movie.


celinewong said...

really ? jay is gonna produce his 1st love story? wow..so interesting!!!! ahh no comparison between him, jay and lee hom lah. the 3 of them are unique intheir own..and besides there can never be a fair+square system to dictate who is the best of all? DT has so much experiences compare to the 2 of them? i mean..he is older ma..:P and his life experiences are definitely richer.. and jay+lee hom..though younger..but going thru so much at their age would make them shines out brightly too! oh well..nononoo.. let's not compare! hahaha they are all great in their own way. I'm just happy that music industry still have talents like them...

but in de end..being a dt fan..I will always ALWAYS conclude dat DT SINGS FAR BETTER..AND PRODUCE FAR BETTER MUSIC!!

just to share..LEE HOM is coming to msia to perform soon!! and i told my lee hom's fans frens that lee hom is only sponsored by Celcom but David is by MAXIS!! THE BEST phone services provider in MALAYSIA!! of coz..just a little teasing with frens. we support our idols separately and happily! i am looking at free tix to support lee hom!! heheh who knows DT may appear as guest artiste..since they are both kinda good frens.i guess i'll be even helping my lee hom's fan frens good seats too!

Zhao said...

Jay kinda likes to follow David's direction for some odd reason but good luck to him on his elusive quest for international fame :P