DT in VAlO TP1

Here's a series of great shots from Nokia NY concert. He is so beautiful esp when he lets his happiness show as ppl respond to him.
So heartbreaking soulful here *melting* Apparently he is among the most well-received performers that nite. If he is not already Walkman spokesman, perhaps Nokia might even consider him ^__^ Like Windows Vista who is apparently sponsoring WOW concert featuring David & Jolin on 2/4 at Taipei Arena. (Info link credit & thanks to Tao Mi Tian Tan) Not much details yet but think its probably cos of the insanely popular song Marry Me Today that MS decided to use them to promote their latest OS. Btw Sony is releasing the future in the shape of computer - VAlO TP1 in March & apparently it come loaded with Window Vista.
So gorgeous, I want it already. Sony seems to have a thing for all white lately. I am thinking they really should consider David for the spokesman. Imagine booting up the white cake & having David's music come on as the icing ... purrrrrfect *__*

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