DT in 2007

1st 2007 post with David looking like a prince among pink balloons. Actually ripped this from blogger who attended Karen Mok concert but called David a 'fool' >"< so I rip his pix heehee but he did praised David's live performance saying he sang with real passion. Also thanks vry much mk for yr shoutbox post re Shenzhen New Year concert:
mk: happy new year everyone! just watched dt on tv, he was singing for the nokia event.. at huan le gu, shenzhen, i think about 11 sth pm.. haha got alot of shenzhen girls went on stage to hug him and one kissed him.. he was so shocked lol. he sang wang bu liao, ni ai wo hai shi ta and xiao zhen gu nian
Guess his record for being molested onstage carry on to 2007 ^__^ Can watch his performance here altho it dun play the whole clip for me. Also extra cautious of this site as it will try to install dl accelerator without asking, also some kinda p2p software. Check yr programs in control panel after watching to make sure & uninstall any Sogou programs. Forgot to mention he looked smashing in black jacket, white shirt with pale pink cravat & jeans. His voice is pure magic - smooth as silk. Taoism has nvr sounded so good *__*
For once nice tabloid article where David wrote abt the 1st time he saw his dad's tears. When he was young, he resented having to share his famous dad with others. Sometimes cos of filming his dad would not be home for a couple of weeks so their relationship was not vry close. When he was abt 10, he woke up to relieve himself & found his dad sitting in the living room. When his dad saw him, he told him that his grandmother had died the night before & then began to cry. David was shocked & thought, "Even my dad can cry." Apparently his grandmother loved his father the most & left him a bible. David began reading aloud the bible by his dad's bedside every night. This brought their relationshop much closer.
12 years ago when David was producing music for Sarah Chen, his dad came to his studio to watch him work. After watching for an hour, he asked him, "There are so many equipment in this studio, do you know how to use all?". When David answered, "Sure", he smiled & after telling him to work slowly, left the studio. It was later that David find that he had written in his diary: Son, I'm so proud of you! David said he almost cried. Now that he is 37, David said apart from father/son relationship, they are also partners, teacher/pupil, brothers as well as lovers. He is very lucky that his dad is Tao Dawei. Such a wonderful description of his relationship with his dad. For sure his dad is also vry lucky that his son is David Tao. So nice that my lst 2007 post is so positive. I think its a great start for my blog & looking forward to more positive news from David this yr. Dun know why but I have this feeling that it will be a great year for David. I don't mean that he will become more famous or make more money. But that he will be able to achieve a lot of his dreams & all his hard work & dedication to his craft will bring him a lot of satisfaction.
Found this interesting site which has a great updated profile on David altho some seemed to have been ripped word for word from the profile in blog forum, still I'm always ready to share info on David even without credit ^__* Had a good laugh at the last bit where it was rumored he refused to hold hands with Jolin during filming of Marry Me Today mv cos of shyness. Somehow I don't think so, after all he did kiss her on the cheek in her concert. Maybe it was to avoid more fabricated news from the tabloids. Although I do find that he does get embarrassed quite easily when female fans are overly ardent. I think he tries to be blase abt being a sex symbol but at heart he is still vry traditional & is still shocked when girls esp in China are so open abt expressing their love for him. I find that so very adorable of him somehow, vry fangirl I know :P Btw thanks & credit to DTFC for the great pix on the sidebar. So vry appropriate to openly express my love for David *__*

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celinewong said...

hey zhaodi! happy new year to u! wow very interesting to read abt ur post regarding his r/ship with his dad..wow!! very touching in deed! i guess it's in our hearts dat we want our parents to be proud of us isn't it? :) so wat's ur resolution this year?? heheh!!!

btw..enjoyed reading this news..some personal side of DT makes me feel dat i can understand dt more! hehe! and i tink he really afraid of rumours with any girls in de entertainment la..u know..juz 1 glance at another female celebs can cause havoc! dt is smart.. which makes his other half happY!! kekekek!!!