Sudden DT news

Doesn't he look so ordinary here? That's what I like abt DT is that he really doesn't go for nor like being a star. He was in Shanghai busy judging for Icetea band competition. I think it should be drawing to a close soon.
Here he is being cheesy & adorable for Yahoo promotion of safe surfing for kids.
Some clips here, here and here. Lately there had been news that he was unable to tape his songs due to having a cold for a few weeks so he was coy abt his new album coming out in July *sigh* I am too bored to care abt it anymore. I find it vry annoying when there is no real explanation for the constant delay. Maybe it's not really his fault as look at how Leo Ku was being treated for signing up with another label. I have a feeling that probably if it's up to him, the album would have been out last yr. Instead fans are being teased with news abt him filming mv at a nightclub with sexily dressed bargirl:
If he was unable to tape the songs then how can he film an mv? Then there's this weird blog where it was claimed he wrote this piece called I am 69. There is at the moment no confirmation from DT or his company whether or not this is true. I can't help but suspect it's just another stupid promotional gimmick by Typhoon. Only good thing abt this sudden blast of unexpected DT news is that it could mean that maybe his album is abt to drop soon.

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Anonymous said...

The I am 69 blog sounds like it's DT. Any confirmation if it's a hoax or the real DT?