DT @ Twitter

Oh wow it is really David Tao at Twitter hehe cos he just posted an awesome clip of the making of his album at his DT69 blog!!!!! Anyway come to think of it, it's kinda make sense to use freely available resource @ wretch & Twitter to reach his fans. Such a cunning devil he is ^__^ I remembered when I first read Moby's journal, I was amazed at how casual & real he is. He is presenting as he is - warts & all. Which is what DT is doing & at first I was not used to it but now as I read his postings, they kinda make sense. Anyway spread the word so he can have more followers. Here's the DT youtube vid, love the panda T hee!

On a somber note, still vry sad about Michael Jackson's passing. Realised I have either lost or given away most of his albums, now I desperately need to listen to Thriller *sniff*


Anonymous said...

Dear Zhao,

always good to see one more believer,hehe

BTW, what's your twitter ID? mine is tiggeress517


Zhao said...

Hey tiggeress, my id is dizhao. Anyway it's on the blog.