Beyond the Ken

Watched Beyond the Ken & it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The weak point is Gillian Chung who is not really subtle in her acting. Her role required someone more fey & complex not just as a victim. Since the movie hinged on her dual acting so eventually the payoff failed because Gillian wasn't believeable enough as the 'princess taking revenge'. Tao Hong & Daniel Wu were excellent but unfortunately they were not the payoff.
I do feel sorry for Gillian since she seemed to be paying penance for a crime she did not commit. Ppl villified her cos she did not come out to confess & lied abt her relationship with Edison. Maybe one should put oneself in her shoes. Imagine you are a young female asian celebrity & naked and intimate pixs of yourself are seen by many, many, many people. Wouldn't you be so embarrassed that you would try to hide & lie, hoping it would all go away? She was stripped of more just clothes. Her dignity, her pride as well as her career all going down the drain. This is not a movie, it's her real life. She had to face her parents, and they had to face their relatives & friends. In the movie, Beyond the Ken, one of her lines was 'when you are lovers, anything is possible even taking naked pictures.' It was just bitterly ironic that it came true for her in real life as well.
I don't know. I guess I am posting this cos I just wanna warn ppl out there not to be so gullible on the internet. Never trust anyone you have never met online even if you wholeheartedly believe he is David Tao.

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