DT the leader

David appearing in a Chinese program celebrating Children's Day where he sang 好好活下去 live for the 1st time:

It was a vry nice performance. He felt relieved after visiting the children affected by the earthquake when they acted like normal noisy, playful kids. He felt children should always be like that.
Nice pix of him writing on the blackboard. More TT (Teacher Tao) than DT ^__^ Caught a short clip of him rehearsing Hand in Hand with the various singers & it was so great to see him taking charge & giving musical directions. When ppl complained he is arrogant, I think they were probably mistaken by his leadership qualities. A born leader is certainly not shy, withdrawn or has false modesty. Anyway his personality is vry suited to be a film director & producer *__*
There was a huge charity phone-in event last nite in HK which I was kinda watching while trying to catch up on sleep. While it was vry nice & heartwarming to see so many celebrities gathered to help, just can't help noticing the lack of really good singers *sigh* Most of them were so lacklustre & as usual it was the veterans who showed what good live singing was all abt. I enjoyed Kenny of the Wynners the most. He has a gorgeous mellow gravelly voice great for belting out Beatles' songs. Old rockers are the best hehe DT may get there in a few yrs when he is in his forties :P Also noticed many male celebrities seemed to be sporting dark-framed spectacles. Is this a new kinda trend? Or maybe they think these glasses gave the appropriate 'earthquake response' look?

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