DT in July

David will be heading to Wuhan on 711 (his birthday!) to judge in a contest for best band organised by 康师傅冰红茶. Until then hopefully he can have some free time to rest, write his script & work on his album. Probably cos of this, there were some articles abt him in the Chinese media but it is old stuff abt his cars, buying properties, etc.
好好活下去 has been included in 'Earthquake songs that can be propagated' in Nanfangdaily. Which is real nice considering the many Earthquake songs around prompting the inevitable poll *sigh* Anyway David's song is praised for its solemn simplicity & sincerity. Dear DT, that's all I asked. That your music will always touch someone's heart.
Heard a song by Vitas Lu Guang Chong which featured some vry nice scat singing a la George Benson. It gives the same feeling as David's recording that you are listening to a real voice not digitalised version. So if you are looking for some good music, might wanna give his debut album 100 Ways of Living a try. Credit should always be given where credit is due even though I dun particularly go for his songs, his singing or his voice. Anyway here's the mv courtesy youtube:


sukyee said...

Good recommendation. Will definety check it out!

As always, take care!

sukyee said...

Spam! Haha. Zhaodi, you've got Joanne and I hooked! I'm tempted to say "Khalil who?"

Zhao said...

Spam all u like dear Sukyee hah :P Yeah Kahlil should sound so good although I do think its Warner's fault for marketing him as a Jay/DT/Leehom wannabe. Always felt there's a Hawaiian boy in there wanting to get out haha

Vivian said...

GOOD Feeling, THANKS!!jimhmf