The GMA controversy

Wow, seems like our Dave is once again having a butterfly effect on the chinese music industry despite his absence. After the furore abt falsified news reports, now no less a personage than a CEO of a record company has waded into the GMA controversy.
The whole thing is just so hilarious. Honestly who can remember who win in GMA anymore? Is it that important? Apparently there were also complaints abt A-Mei winning so many awards. Personally I think she deserved it cos out of the many albums released last year, hers was the only one (apart from DT of cos hehe) that I remembered. Although the songs were not as memorable as her earlier albums, her voice and performance still hit the right note. She has lost none of that raw energy and verve that made her such a powerful singer. She reminded me what good singing is all abt and surely that should be rewarded.
The sad thing is that for once this year GMA nominated a good range of singers and songs that were outside of the mainstream. For eg, the best band award went to real indie band 1976. There seemed less pressure to award based on popularity and crowdpleasers. It could also be the reason why David won. While it is true that 69 David Tao is not his best album, it's still an excellent Chinese album with creative songs, great production and superb singing. Just cos it falls outside the mainstream and did not have a monster hit song like Marry Me Today doesn't mean it's a bad album, my dear Eason Chan.
Still I do think it's kinda rude and unprofessional to blurt out misinformation abt the voting process forcing GMA to go public and dragging WaWa into the controvesy. The article made it seemed that she was not in the voting panel cos she had worked with David closely and could be biased. As for not attending GMA, David too was not present to receive award for Best Album for The Great Leap and Best Song for Marry Me Today. Nobody complained then so why complain now? Well, anyway at least we know now that he is no longer with Gold Typhoon.

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