DT @ Taipei Tedx

David was guest speaker for Tedx Taipei last Saturday. He looked smashing as usual. Watch vid @ Sina or youtube. Still so charming hehe Hope he come up with his movie soon *sigh* By the by the Sina website also has vid of press con after GMA where Eason joked that David shouldn't win as his songs weren't that good then clarified that he was a great fan of DT.
There was accusation that a drunken Eason claimed he should have won as he felt that 69 David Tao was not a good album. I think this should clear things up. Eason Chan's album whose name I don't even know was not nominated for best album, in fact none of the albums of the singers nominated for Best Male Singer in GMA this year had their albums nominated for best album. So I don't know why people were complaining that David shouldn't win cos his albumn wasn't nominated. So in that case, no one would win for best male singer *shrug* Who cares anyway? Just get over it, David won fair & square.
Was watching E News yesterday & saw Maggie Q who will soon be seen in Nikita on American TV & Priest in American theaters. So is the Zhang Ziyi era over? Normally she would be the go-to kungfu girl for these 2 roles. Still Maggie did look terrific & she speaks better english. So good luck to her!

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