A little respect please

David has been forced to come out with his own true version on what he was doing during the night of the GMA ceremony. Spurious taiwanese news report claimed that he had been spotted drunk with female companion in a Singapore nightclub. I don't know, maybe that's why I am so tired of chinese entertainment and hardly bother to watch it at all.
Then there's all that bitching abt his winning the award. I don't know why he gets it all the time. Remember when Marry Me Today won best song, the amount of vitriolic comments he and Jolin Tsai received was just beyond belief. They didn't ask to be the winner, it was given to them. Just like David didn't even think that he was going to win best male singer this year. He got 10 votes, Eason Chan got 7 votes, the others didn't even count, so he won fair and square.
The best singer award is not about who has the best album but who is the best singer. I think Jacky Cheung was nominated once when he didn't even had an album out but based on his concert performances. Maybe David didn't have the best album but his singing in the album and all his concert performances last year were certainly among the best that Mandarin pop entertainment has to offer.
I am so tired of all the other idols fans always bitching when their idols didn't win. DT fans have never ever complain when he didn't win, we are just glad when he does win. Awards to us and to him never really mean a lot. I think David says it best when he reasons that while he respects that everybody has the right to criticise but they should also respect the opinions of the judges, the winners as well as the non-winners since everybody concerned had put in their best efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zhaodi, haven't visited for a while but there also hasn't been much news-worthy stuff (album or positive stuff)about David either. However, when I read that he won the Golden Melody Award...my two thoughts immediately...Finally! and I am so happy for him. I think this is really what we true blue fans can feel for him right? I am tired of hearing negative stuff about him just because he speaks his mind to the papparazzi. Anyway, I wouldn't want him to change any other way. I like him just the way he is. I agree that Opus 69 is not his best album but it is his most varied work...for that reason, I enjoyed it tremendously. Some of the lyrics were so tongue in cheek that it could have been offensive. But that's DT. Thank you always for starting this blog. Viva la DT!