Jiayou China!

The lovely smile of David brightening my life on an otherwise very sad day of Bejing Olympics as Lui Xiang had to pull out of the 110m hurdles race cos of an injury. As others have commented, he must have been in a lot of pain for him to pull out when an entire nation's hope rest on his shoulders. I think he made the right decision cos it could have been a lot worst if he had fallen or came in last & not qualify. But it is not the end of the world & hopefully he will both recover from his injury & mental burden of disappointing his country. He will be 29 in the next Olympics & it is not impossible for him to compete & win another medal. Still I feel his pain, torment & misery. It is indeed a frightful thing to be a country's icon *sigh*
Not much David's news just confirmation that he will be holding a concert in Tianjin on 10/7. So far it has been vry low key as usual with David these days. Not sure where he is at the moment but probably working on his album and/or movie script.

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