Always a hero

Nike came up with this ad in support of Liu Xiang & the mandarin text reads:
Love competition.
Love risking your pride.
Love winning it back.
Love giving it everything you've got.
Love the glory. Love the pain.
Love sport even when it breaks your heart.
While I had to give it to Nike for coming up with such a marvellous ad strategy, still the text reminds me eeriely of David's lyrics for 桂冠英雄. Maybe that's why I like the song so much cos unlike other songs written abt the Olympics, this song tells more from the pv of the competing athletic -- the struggles, the hopes, the fears, pain & stress. First you did it to prove to yourself but once you reached Liu Xiang's level, you also do it out of pride & love for your nation. Anyway Liu wrote an open letter to explain & I think also to refute all the false accusations that either Nike or his government forced him to withdraw cos he could not win with his injury *sigh* I guess there's just something abt him cos I had to admit even I was dreadfully disappointed. That even though I was awed by Michael Phelp & enchanted by Guo Jing Jing's amazing grace, the one I really wanted to see was Liu Xiang.

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