Exit EMI

As has been rumored EMI sold all their Asian shares to Typhoon owned by Ronald Cheng's father, Norman Cheng. Along with the sales is of cos David's contract with only one studio album left for release. Not sure what this will mean for David but it really shouldn't affect him as much as the others cos he holds all the copyrights to his songs. He has his own recording studio & if he has to, he can produce his album all by himself as he has done in the past. He can probably go on an album by album contract. Also since Typhoon is vry much into digital music then he can also release a bunch of singles online as a lot of Japanese artists are doing now.
But it is a sad indication of the decline in album sales. As many critics are lamenting that now most chinese singers release albums not cos they have amassed some good music but to promote themselves & garner some lucrative endorsements. I nvr would have thought to see a cosplaying Wubai endorsed some computer game *sigh* If it has been DT, this blog will definitely be history. But I am not ready to give up the blog yet. I will hold on for his 6th studio album & movie. It is hard to give him up cos despite all his faults, & he has many, it is also hard not to believe in DT. Anyway for some comic relief & giving in to my current panda obsession, I present the following ^_^:

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