DT Just Love Chic St

DT has become the spokesman for Fubon Charity Foundation and released a brandnew song & mv called Just Love. He has followed in the footstep of his father, Tao Dawei, who has always supported Fubon and pledged to support 100 children. He is certainly extremely sincere in his desire to help the little ones, bless him. He also revealed that his dad has suffered a minor heart attack last year but fortunately is on the road to recovery. His parents have moved back to Taipei from Shanghai cos of his dad's health and David has been looking after both of them. He is certainly a filal son, pray that Tao Dawei will get better. The new song is very refreshing & rather vintage (recycled) DT. Fans of DT from way back will probably recognised from which song he recyled (hint:Tension). DT has also become a store manager by opening a boutique called Chic St in Shanghai. His parents also attended the opening looking very chic themselves. Last weekend DT participated in the celebration concert of The Venetian in Macao. Oh dear, can't keep up with this man *__* Finally he has posted a vry enjoyable vid extolling the virtues of Fender Rhodes. However the release of his new album has now been pushed back from May to October which is expected *0*

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