DT & Bruno

Not sure if this is the latest pix of our Dave but it's sure looking hot mama *_* Love them silver sneakers. This drooling pix accompanied a fluff piece abt fans willing to wait for David's long awaited movie even if 10 yrs in the making >_< hope not. Here's the vid where celebrities shout out to Stefanie Sun, DT the front 3 I think so dun have to watch the whole vid, sry but frankly I am not really particularly interested in recent Chinese music except for David. I am sure Bruno Mars is familiar to many but did you know he is representing Asian-Americans too? His mum is Filipino & he proudly declared himself to be a 'Asian fvcking popstar' ^__^ Of course he did write that Cee Lo Green song which Gwyneth Paltrow killed during Grammies (honey we love to watch you act not sing). Anyway while I was reading abt him, I found out many similarities between DT & him. A singer/songwriter first, Bruno Mars became a producer when he found to his surprise that studios were willing to fork up money for his songs. DT too couldn't believed it when he found that he could made a living selling his songs. Like DT, Bruno did many demos singing his songs with one of them being 'Nothing on you'& of cos the rest is history. Many recording companies got interested in DT cos of his demos which were often played on HK radios. Then lately Bruno Mars had a brush with the police just like David haha Joking aside, have a listen to Bruno's debut album & see if it reminds you of David's self-titled album even the minimalist album cover. My fave tracks are Talking to the moon which funnily enough reminds me of Blue Moon & Liquor Store Blues.

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