Finally some news of DT. He appeared in the TTV Red & White Superstar Show in early February. I guess this is similar to the Japanese format with male singers (white) vs female singers (red). I don't think he participated in the contest but just sang as a guest. He sang I Love You, Smalltown Girl & Rain. He looked really, really good in beige pants, white shirt with contrasting collar, tie and black jacket. As usual his performance was described as a 'highlight' and 'spectacular'. I don't know why the chinese media is always pimping him up whenever he performed. I mean yeah sure he sounded great as always but he usually performed his old hits & he has no new music for a long time. Surely he can't always be a 'highlight'. Still it's great to see him and he was cute when he was moving through the audience where I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the response & hesitant abt getting too close in case he get molested or something, very funny.

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