Mad dogs and David Tao

Dear, dear, David getting harassed by hungry news reporter again as he tweeted testily. Ah well, the life of a celebrity ^__^ Yah my first post of 2010! Sorry but wasn't too motivated as not listening to Chinese pop at all, or catching up with entertainment news either. Anyway belated congratulations to David for getting Most Popular Hong Kong and Taiwan Male Singer Award in Baidu Hot Point Awards during Feb. I am sure he was extremely thrilled with that (sarcastically heehee).
A very nice interview in english @ nanzinc complete with youtube vid & pixs. Posted here just in case that page disappeared:
Celebrated singer-songwriter David Tao heads for Singapore on 8 January 2010, for his highly anticipated new concert. The 40-year-old (very eligible) bachelor released his new album earlier this year Opus 69, so you can expect to hear new songs as well as DT’s favourite songs from the ’60s and ’70s. He tells us more in this exclusive interview.
NANZ INC.COM: You recently released your album Opus 69. What do you personally like best about this album?
DAVID TAO: This is not an album I tried to make; but an album I’ve always wanted to do. It is music that originated from my roots. When I was writing it, I knew that it was not an album everyone could accept. But I did it anyway, because to me, I don’t make music to make the masses happy, to be honest. I hope they’re going to like it. But I don’t pander to the market. If I don’t enjoy making an album, or I make an album for a purpose, i.e. making it very karaoke-friendly, I would be so bored. I had so much fun making this album. It was as if I wasn’t working at all. I was very happy throughout the journey of Opus 69.
NI: As a singer as well as life in general – have you finished a lot of things on your life’s to-do list? What remains that you really want to do?
DT: I think I need a wife. (Ha ha). Career-wise, I will move on to film-making. In fact, this is going to be the last show for a while, the last album for a while. I fulfilled my contract. This is my sixth album, my 4th concert tour. I’m finally done with all my albums, all my obligations. I feel like a free agent now. It’s like I put down a huge burden but will undertake a bigger responsibility – film-making. Movies are complicated. I believe just doing movies alone will take up so much time that I will not be able to do other things. And I want to be involved totally in film-making. Maybe if I’m the director I might not appear in the show. Perhaps a small cameo only but I’m realistic about it. I study film directing in college so this is my forte. I give myself ten years. I don’t expect a big hit, Oscars or penetrate Hollywood. I just hope that when I’m 50, I will be an accomplished director. I want to do my part in the story, that’s all I ask for.
NI: We’re excited that you’re back for a concert. What will be the highlights? Can you give us a sneak preview?
DT: It’s going to be like a rock concert, inspired to be named “The Rock and Talk Show”. We’re going to have a small tight band of five, including myself. I have always wanted to do a show, cutting down on people on stage because the more people on stage the more cluttered the sound becomes. Another reason is I want to bring back the whole band kind of sound. The “Rock” part of “The Rock and Talk Show” is as if I’m going back to high school – I used to play in bands. It brought back a lot of high school memories playing songs from ‘60s and ‘70s. The “Talk” part is the sharing part of the show. One of the things that is very different about this show is that I’m not looking for a huge venue. I’m not going for a huge audience, even though we are going to be playing at the Indoor Stadium this time. I limited the size of the audience in the show. The larger the venue sometimes affects the way the programme is structured – the things you say, the things you share — so the whole scope of the show becomes different. The Taiwanese media asked me if I’m worried for ticket sales. I said I enjoy doing a smaller one, and doing a smaller show actually makes it tougher for me. I have to do more shows in different cities. And it’s not all my songs; I’m going to sing a lot of songs from the ‘60s and ‘70s that have influenced me. I think that is also what is different about this show.
NI: One for the ladies: What would your ideal wife be like?
DT: I think someone who is very logical, very understanding, and communicative. I like a person who will share what they feel and not withhold it. I’d rather she just speaks her mind and say, “I’m not happy about this. Let’s talk about it.” I feel that’s the way to work things out in a relationship; to be able to sit down and talk about it.
If I were with someone who needs a lot of care, I will be the provider. I will be, sometimes, even doting. But if I were with somebody who can be a provider and can take care of me, I will play another role in the relationship. I think it really depends on who you’re with.
I would prefer an independent girl. I don’t think somebody who is too clingy would be good. I don’t think it will work, just the fact that I’m so busy. I’m always on the run. I’m always working. Obviously that’s not something that I would want in a relationship, so I think that’s something I’m trying to change too — to be more stable, more settled. But I don’t think having a wife who is too clingy would be beneficial anyhow.
NI: You were born in 1969. You just turned 40 not too long ago. How do you see your life right now?
DT: In a way, I am now trying to simplify my life. I’m trying to not be geographically at too many places. I’m now trying to reorganise my schedule and my life. I like living on the edge and that’s the reason why I like cars and motorcycles a lot. If I don’t feel the fragility of life, I think, for me I will become lazy. Music is kind of a strange thing for me. I’m not the kind of person who would play music at home, or when I’m driving. But there can be times when I really, really need to listen to something. And specifically I would mean rock and roll, classic rock and roll from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Something I don’t really have but will need, is a base, a foundation, a home, a sense of being somewhere and being needed by somebody. Right now, that sense of belonging is the thing I really lack now.
NI: What do you think the audience will look forward to the most at this concert?
DT: In this show, besides my own songs, I will be singing songs that influence me from the 60s and 70s and other classic rock songs. Actually, almost throughout the whole concert I will be playing the guitar. To me it’s a very challenging show. I need to play the guitar and sing at the same time, something that I have never done this much before. But I’m thrilled because it brings me back memories that I would like to reminisce with my audience. There will be one section where it’s just me and my guitar. One guitar, one David Tao. I will introduce some new things, the songs that I grew up listening to. The whole stage layout will be like that – a cozy living room from the ‘60s and 70s. So I hope everyone at the concert will experience the 60s and 70s kind of feel and sharing that close-knit connection. Whatever that comes to my mind I will talk and share about. That’s the beauty of this concert. It’s like just coming to my house to hang out – it’s that personal.
(Interview credit & thanks to nanzinc.com)

10 years huh, Dave? So guess my blog will be around for a while. Found a recipe blog for Kung Pao Chicken which mentioned DT. No matter whether you will be successful as a director, but to be mentioned in conjunction with a popular chinese dish, I think that's rather cool. It's why I am still your fan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. The kungpaochicken thingy is funny :-P.

Kinda sad that DT won't do any more concert, but happy to follow his twitter. Looking forward to see his first movie


Anonymous said...

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Justin said...

Finally, a post from you. I've been visiting this site even though you're away from blogging. Keep wondering whether you have abandoned David Tao and this blog.

Anyway, I missed DT's Singapore concert, went there approximately 10 days later. Sigh... guess that I need to wait for 10 more years (hopefully he will make another album in the future or decide to organize another concert).

Jay came to Australia and JJ is coming end of April. When will DT plan to visit us? :(

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!!!!