One million stars, only one DT

Nosebleeding pix of our Dave ^__^ Sry for not blogging for so long. Just enjoy reading DT's tweets. He is really cute when he asked for the best icecream shop in Singapore or help with airline tickets. I think he is more wary of writing abt controversial stuff as he gets quoted out of context so often by the Chinese media. David had been vry busy, going to Malaysia for a concert. Here's a great blog with nice writeup, pixs & vids.
He also guested in Harlem Yu's The Million Star & I have been watching it repeatedly cos he sang so many songs fabulously. He has this incredible way of singing old hits so they sound new & fresh. His vocals were so powerful that his voice reverberated in the small studio. It was hilarious at the end that the producer even let him sing the last song in his own way. Normally if the first two lines of the song are wrong, they will stop the singing. In the end, everybody sang the chorus for him, it was so cute. I enjoy his voice so much, I wish they let him sing more. Here are some of the vids on youtube:
Marvellous version of Spring Wind.
LOVE LOVE LOVE his soulful rendition of The Eagles' Desperado
Power Station's old hit the DT way.
David also guested in Shen Chun Hua's Life Show which can also be watched on youtube. It was really touching at the end when Ms Shen told him that as a mother, she has tears in her eyes everytime she listened to Catherine. She even took the time to read out the lyrics of Catherine as she felt that mothers should listen to this song which may help them with their relationships with their children. I think as a songwriter, to have a mother said that to you is probably quite an honour. It could be the reason that a lot of critics are disappointed with his latest album as they expected him to write more of these kind of moving songs. But you can't lay this kind of burden on creativity. 69 David Tao is a very different album to The Great Leap. It's really is a terrific album with amazing songs.

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any where can watch the life show with david tao ?